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What You Need to Build Your Own Headboard

Your bedroom is your own private oasis, and it's important that everything there makes you happy. If you're having trouble finding just the right headboard for your bed, think about building one. We've got the parts you need to help.

How to Eat for Better Sleep

What you eat can impact how you sleep. From warm milk to cherries, learn more about what foods might help you get better rest, when to eat them, and what to avoid.

How to Use Technology to Get Better Sleep

Technology is in everything we do - including how we sleep. If you want to get better rest but you're not sure how to do it, there are apps, trackers, and gadgets galore that want to help. See which ones might be right to you (and what low tech options you have instead).
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Set a Bedtime Routine to Get Better Sleep

Creating a bedtime routine can help your body relax and your mind wind down to prepare for sleep. Give yourself enough time to get into the right state for better rest, and read our tips of what to do (and what not to do) to get there.