Rize Clarity

The Clarity is a full-featured adjustable bed that will give you a restful night's sleep, all at an entry-level price.

Relieve aches and pains to wake up refreshed by adjusting the head and foot sections to find your perfect sleeping position. Reduce snoring and relax just by lifting the head section, and take pressure off the lower back by raising the foot. Get the height you want with adjustable legs that raise or lower the height of the base from 12.25 to 18.25 inches. Whatever you need help for in bed, the Clarity has a solution.

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key features

adjustable head and foot sections

Hit the sweet spot with adjustable head and foot sections to help you find your new favorite position.

Clarity Horizontal King Adjustable Bed

single-base king and California king sizes

Get the big bed you always wanted at an economical price.

Sturdy Steel Construction on Rize Clarity

improved lift capacity

Don't be afraid to get close - two heavy-duty motors lift up to 850 lb. per base (or a total of 1000 lb. on the horizontal king and California king sizes).

adjustable legs

Get on up or get down with adjustable legs that raise or lower the deck to the height you want.

Clarity features

Feature Description
Classic Platform Design Simple, elegant body blends with any decor.
Wireless Remote The wand-style remote is designed to be easy to use, even in the dark.
Continuous Motion Mode Set the bed to go through a series of positions automatically.
Fit Rize beds are designed to fit inside most existing headboard/footboard/rail systems.
Auto-Flat Press one button to return to a flat, neutral position.
Steel Post Legs For extra durability, we use steel post legs that can support even the thickest mattress.
Heavy-Duty Motors Two durable motors provide a lift capacity of up to 850 lb. per individual base. The horizontal King & Cal-King single-base models offer one motor with a lift capacity of 1,000 lb.
Gravity Release Rize motors also have a built in safety feature to reduce stress on objects caught under the bed, so there's no worry about pinching or pressing.
Battery Backup Even during a complete power outage, the replaceable fuse of the battery backup system allows you to return your bed to a flat, sleeping position.
Adjustable Headboard Brackets Available for additional purchase, these headboard brackets make it easy to attach your favorite headboard to your adjustable bed.
Energy Efficiency Rated

find the rize that's right for you

Rize Cresta Power Base


The adjustable lumbar section of the Cresta offers increased support for your back, wherever it's most needed.

Rize Contemporary II Adjustable Bed

Contemporary II

Get more out of your time in bed with the Rize Contemporary II. Relax in three pre-set positions, charge your devices with dual A/C outlets, and don't get lost with the under-bed light.

Rize Verge Power Base


Coming soon! The Rize Verge power base offers a wide range of options and positions to help you get better sleep.


Rest assured - the Rize Clarity is covered by a 20-year, basic limited warranty.

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