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Stand Up Bottom Deck Trundle Day Bed

Size: 71.5" L x 39" W x 16" H. 
Series: Trundle Beds
Model #: 1200001

Mantua's top and bottom deck trundle beds are designed to last under a lifetime of repeated use. This Twin bottom deck is made from strength-tested, tubular steel. Tthese beds use a welded wire deck for extra durability - and no squeaking or pinching springs! Each bed holds up to 400 lb with no need for a box spring. 

Rollers included for mobility. Legs fold out and lock in place to stand at the same height as the top deck bed and stoppers on the legs prevent the bed from rolling. When folded, the deck can be easily stored under an existing bed, such as our top deck trundle. When storing under a top deck, a mattress up to 9" in height will fit. All pieces come in one box, which is made to ship easily via UPS, FedEx, and other carriers.

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All of Mantua's products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.