Tips for a Clean Bedroom (and Why It’s Good For You)


How to clean your bedroomYou may have missed spring cleaning, but it’s never too late to freshen up your space. You spend a lot of time in the bedroom, but most people make more effort to clean their living areas than the room where they spend 8+ hours of their day. Why clean a space that fewer people see? Studies have shown that clean bedrooms make you healthier, happier, more likely to exercise, and help you get better sleep. There are a few things that make cleaning your bedroom different from cleaning other rooms, so get ready to learn some new techniques. Block off some time, put on some tunes, and get to work – it will be worth it!

Start with the Easy Stuff

Do you have piles of clothes that aren’t quite dirty enough to wash, but not clean enough to put away? Shoes you kicked into the corner? A pile of magazines from a year ago? Kick off your bedroom cleanse by putting away the things that already have a place to go and getting rid of the things you aren’t using. Just putting things in their place can have a huge impact on the room and your mental state. Anything that doesn’t belong should get out of the bedroom so you don’t have to look at clutter while you’re trying to relax!

TIP: To help fight odors and even promote sleep, make sure smelly stuff is contained. Get a lid for your laundry hamper, close the door on the gym shoes in the closet, and add a hint of natural, calming scents to the room. Lavender, jasmine, and vanilla are known to be soothing, but any smell that puts you into a relaxed state could work

Dust it Off

Now that you can see your surfaces again, your next step is removing dust from everything. Wipe down all your surfaces, and don’t forget the nooks and crannies. Use a dust wipe or moist cloth so you’re not just redistributing the debris. Dust build-up can make allergies worse and collected debris can harbor bed bugs and attract other insects. Don’t forget the insides and undersides of furniture, too. You shed a lot of skin in your sleep, so your headboard and bed frame can have quite a collection. You spend so much time in bed, make sure it’s clean!

Wipe down light fixtures, photos, mirrors, blinds, and fan blades – all the things that you never get to. Dust and skin cells hide there, too. For the fan, you can use an old pillow case for a fast clean.

Get into the corners with a dry mop or long duster, including closets and windows, to remove cobwebs and anything else hanging out there.

TIP: Leave the sheets on your bed and don’t vacuum until you’ve completed this step. Once you’re done, you can change and wash the sheets and sweep up everything that’s dropped to the ground.

Wash it Down

Now’s the time to start up the laundry. The biggest difference between the bedroom and other rooms is, of course, the bed. Washing sheets and pillowcases is obvious, but when is the last time you washed your pillows, blankets, mattress protector, or dust ruffle? Add them to the pile, along with your curtains – just make sure to check the tags first so you don’t ruin the fabric.

Washing isn’t just for fabric. Give your windows a wipe-down and clean the mud from Fido’s last trip to the park from the walls, and mop up tile or wood with the appropriate cleaning solution.

It’s also a good time to disinfect the things you touch the most. Door knobs and light switches are especially known to harbor germs.

TIP: For any bedding you can’t place in the dryer, try airing them in the sun on a bright day. The UV light can help kill bacteria.

Vacuum it Up

Set your vacuum to a higher setting than usual and get out the attachments, now’s the time to use them! Get into the corners you usually skip and take some time in the closet. You can also use the vacuum attachments for any upholstery, and even for cleaning out the vents.

Explore under your bed and see what treasures you’ve lost, then move them aside to give that area a good cleaning.

TIP: To freshen up carpet without adding chemical odors or harsh smells, try baking soda. Sprinkle it over top and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, vacuum twice – once in each direction.

Now the Mattress

Have you ever cleaned your mattress? With all the time you spend on it, chances are you haven’t gone deeper than the mattress protector. Even if you don’t have bed bugs, about 10% of people are sensitive to dust mites, which live inside the mattress. Consider taking some time to clean your mattress and help get rid of any creepy crawlies. First, vacuum it on all sides. Then rub baking soda over the fabric with a scrub brush to get it into the fabric. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then vacuum again.

No matter how clean you are in bed, your mattress can get stained. With the mattress protector off, treat those blemishes with a stain remover – you can find specific options for each type of stain here. Repeat it all on the other side.

TIP: Spin the mattress as well as flipping it to ensure even wear on all sides. This will help give you better support and prolong the life of your mattress.

Go the Distance

Your bedroom probably has a lot of extras in it to make you more comfortable, and those need to be cleaned too. If you have a humidifier, fill it with a one-to-one mixture of water and vinegar and let it sit for about 3 hours. Rinse it out thoroughly and wipe it down, then let it sit to make sure it’s completely dry before using again.

If you have an air conditioning unit installed, clean it out too. Change the filter, clean the vents, and wipe down the whole thing. This will help it last longer and work better as the weather gets hotter and hotter!

Last, be safe! Make sure any candles or heating elements are in good repair and free of debris, with nothing flammable close to them. Check your smoke detector.

Now you can enjoy that fresh, peaceful feeling of a clean room. With that weight off your mind, and the dust out of the air, your sleep and health could improve – and all it took was a little elbow grease.

If in your cleaning you find that your bedding support is busted, or your headboard is beyond repair, we have sturdy bed frames and wood, metal, and upholstered furniture that will give your bedroom a lift – and they come with a lifetime warranty.

However you create that sleep sanctuary, keep it clean and you’ll sleep better than ever!

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