Is a Split Bed Right for Me?


Split beds used to be seen in the bedroom a lot more often than they are now. With increased focus on personalized sleep for better rest, split beds are coming back into fashion. If you share a bed with someone with a different sleeping style, or you just like your space, a split bed could be the solution you've been looking for.


A split bed is when two beds are set up side by side - the mattress, box spring, and base (bed frame, platform, etc.) are separated from each other. An easy way to do this is to get two separate beds, which could be pushed together when the time is right. However, in many situations the "split bed" only refers to the mattress. This means there's only 1 frame or base, but two separate mattresses. Standard split sizes are Queen, King, and California King. If you get one of these, the total width and height of the two separate beds are the same as the measurements of a complete bed of that size. If you're interested in one of these, some manufacturers sell them with "split" in the size description. Other times you have to figure it out on your own!

The most common size for a split bed is King. A traditional King bed is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. To get a split, you'd need to get two Twin XL mattresses, each measuring 38 inches wide by 80 inches long.


The most obvious pro of sleeping separately is that you have a buffer between you and your partner. If you move a lot in your sleep, or your partner snores, separating the mattress means the vibrations don't travel to the other person's side. The more layers of the bed you separate, the more of a barrier you have. So if you have two separate beds, you can move them apart and only push them together when you want to.

A split bed is a great way to accommodate two entirely different sleeping preferences. It gives each sleeper the opportunity to choose the firmness of the mattress, type of sheets, number of blankets, and so on. If you have a split adjustable bed, each person can now choose their preferred position without needing to worry if their partner can share it.


Then there are the down sides. First, it makes it awkward to get close to the person you're sharing the bed with. Whether it's falling in the crease, or having to move a whole bed just to cuddle, a split bed can create barriers. Even if you mean to stay close, the gap can widen as the beds drift apart. To keep them in place, try using a strap or other accessory that wraps around the legs to hold them together.

Then, financially, you need to buy double of everything to get true customization. Each person needs sheets, a blanket, and so on. If you want completely separate beds, that means finding a foundation the right size (we happen to have some bed bases that make it easy). That's if you can even find the right sizes. Not everything sells split versions, or even Twin XL sizes, so it might require a specialty store or a little more research. 

If you're willing to put up with a little extra hassle, using a split bed will let you more fully customize your sleep experience without having to compromise, and to make sure both you and your partner get the best sleep possible!

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