How Your Life Benefits from Better Sleep


Woman waking up good sleepSleep impacts your body and almost everything you do, mentally and physically. Getting good quality rest can affect you more than you might realize, so learn why it should be a priority.

General Health

Studies have shown that you increase your blood pressure as well as your risk of heart disease and stroke by not sleeping enough. There have even been studies linking sleeplessness to cancer. It affects blood sugar as well. In one study, otherwise healthy young men exhibited symptoms of prediabetes after just one week of sleeping 4-6 hours a night.

When you get enough sleep, your overall immunity is improved. If you're not rested, you could get sick more. Pain and inflammation can be increased by lack of sleep, including IBS. Hormone productions of dopamine and opioids are impacted, which would normally help regulate pain.

Poor sleep quality is linked to problems with mental health as well. Odds of anxiety and panic disorder attacks are increased because overall stress increases when your system is working harder to function.

Mental Ability

It's not a surprise that if you're well rested, you'll have better focus and are less likely to make errors. In fact, studies have shown that have found that lack of sleep can impact the brain in a similar way to being intoxicated.

Decision-making and learning become more difficult without rest because sleep helps you process information. This includes memories. Unpleasant thoughts linger for longer without providing enough time to process them. Sleep also improves creativity by allowing your brain more space to think up new ideas.

Social Interaction

If you're tired, you're more likely to be grumpy, but it's more than that. Being sleep-deprived affects your ability to recognize expressions and social cues. It also means you have less willpower and are more likely to give in to negative impulses and temptation. This makes it harder to get along with people, and more likely that you'll say or do something you might regret later.

For the most personal relationships, more sleep improves libido. Lack of sleep decreases testosterone, which is what helps drive desire in both men and women.

Diet & Exercise

Studies have shown that people who don't get enough rest are 89% more likely to become obese. Having more energy makes you more inclined to exercise, but a bad sleep cycle also disrupts your hormones. Some of those hormones affect your appetite, making it more likely that you'll eat too much or at times of the day that make it harder to process food. Keeping your eating in sync with your sleep schedule can help you stick to your diet.

If you play any sports, or care about performance, studies have shown that athletes who get more rest have improved speed, accuracy, and reaction times. Not an athlete? If you work out at all, those factors can improve the results.

Overall Appearance

Sleep allows your skin to recover from what  you threw at it during the day. Without a chance to rest you could age your skin prematurely. The bags under your eyes will go away, and studies show that people who are well-rested appear more attractive to others.

Make sure you get the right amount of sleep for your activity and age group. The benefits of better sleep are worth it.

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