How to Decorate Your Bedroom For Summer


Summer bedroomYou may not be living at the beach, but you can bring that sunshine feeling indoors by adding some new accents to your sleeping space. The last thing you see when you sleep, and first thin you see when you wake up, should be a space that brings on those seasonal vibes.


Ceiling beams are a huge decorating trend this year. Wood adds warmth to a space, and a rustic touch that can channel the essence of everything from seaside cottage to ranch. If you’re lucky enough to have them already, make sure they’re in great shape. If you don’t, you can add them in yourself.

Green is this year’s color of the summer. While many people go for blue (for blue skies, blue water, and those tranquil vacation vibes), green is a great seasonal shade. It is fresh and evokes fields of green grasses and forests of green leaves. You can do a rich, woodsy green, or a beach-side lime green – whatever gets you thinking about summer!


There’s a reason people love to use blue in the summer – it’s the perfect mix of refreshment and peace. Palettes use the colors of the beach to create a seaside vibe: blue, white, and sand. Add in woven baskets, shells, and driftwood accents, and you’ve got a look you can come back to every year.

You can also go for the floral side of the season by using pops of vibrant color. This look has been a favorite forever, but it’s updated by pairing the flower power with a lot of white so the bright shades don’t overpower. There are easy accents you can make to bring the garden to you, like hanging framed flowers, or putting a few faux flowers in vases that match your style.

Distressed and minimalist looks continue to be popular, and are great for summer. Weathered wood gives the feel of a vacation cabin, whether in the wood paneling of your bedroom or the bed itself. Give this style more sophistication with touches of hard edges in brick and concrete. The clean lines of minimalist décor allow for a lot of whites and clean spaces for the sun to shine in. Just like floral, minimalism this year has changed a little – now it includes personal touches to make the bedroom more warm and inviting.

Vibrant blue brings a beach feeling to wherever you are.


You don’t have to rebuild your bedroom to start feeling summery. Switching out some of the smaller pieces of your room can do the trick. Add a woven rug or mat to the floor (even if it’s over carpet), and change your heavy curtains for linen or gauze drapes.

And of course, make sure you’re set for summer sleeping. Get lighter sheets in cool cotton or linen, and top them off with a thin duvet or quilt. Sometimes those night breezes can get chilly (or maybe it’s just the AC up too high), so layer on a throw too. It’s hot, so you want to make sure your room is ready to keep you getting restful sleep.

The nice thing about these swaps is that you can use them to add summer color and style to your space.


By far the easiest way to change your bedroom style is to switch out the accents you’re using. If you have framed art, you can swap the frames for blonde or weathered wood; or change out the wall hangings for seashore prints, florals, or woven pieces in natural colors.

Woven pieces overall feel natural and relaxed. Find baskets and furniture made from rattan, rushes, or hemp; or add in knots of your own. The nautical look is also enhanced by a little rope.

In addition to the sheets and covers, accent pillows on the bed or chairs can change the feel of the space to match the summer style you like best. You can even swap the headboard to a country white or sandy soft linen.

Even if your theme isn’t floral, bringing in greenery and flowers can be a simple way to create summer in your space. It can be picked fresh from your garden (or the grocery store), a new houseplant or herb basket, or faux silk or paper blooms. But choose lush colors and seasonal varieties, like roses – pastels are more for spring.

Not sure which way to go? Choose white – it’s a no-fail summer color where a few pieces go a long way to adding light to a room.

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