Easy Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom for Spring

We might finally be out of the worst of winter (knock on wood), so it’s time to shake off those dark nights and get energized for spring! It’s not just changing the wreath on the front door – make sure your interior space gets some attention too. You still spend a lot of your day in bed, so it’s important for the bedroom to set the tone.


There’s a reason this is a thing – during the winter the windows are closed, the fans are off, and you, your family, and your pets all spend a lot of time inside. That means a build-up of dust, shed skin, and dander. Get rid of it! Open windows will bring in enough pollen, and you don’t want to spend the season sneezing.

A clean bedroom is healthier for you, and it sets the stage for new décor. So dust off the nooks and crannies (including lights, fans, and other fixtures) and wash ALL your bedding (pillows too). It’s probably a good idea to clean your mattress, or at least vacuum it. We’ve got some great tips on how to do a thorough clean of the whole room.

Now you’re ready to decorate!


We know the main feature in any bedroom is the bed, so it makes sense to look there for your first updates. It can be as simple as changing the bedding. Take hints from nature by using sheets and blankets in spring colors and designs. Floral patterns are a classic seasonal look, but you can also just go for solid, lighter colors like a pastel green or a faded blue. Browse some inspirations to get you started.

Try linen sheets. The natural fibers can be layered with blankets for warmth, but they also breathe well and feel cool in warmer weather. Linen has a sunny-day vibe, even in a plain white, so it’s also a great material for throws and pillows (or even a new headboard).

It still gets cold at night, so make sure to keep that comforter handy. Then add in a comfy coverlet that can be layered if it gets frosty, or swap it for the comforter on warmer nights until you’re sure the chill has passed. This is another opportunity to add in a new color!

Linen headboards in light colors

Linen headboards in light colors add a soft touch perfect for spring.


A few key accent pieces with a spring aesthetic can change the entire feel of your room – and they’re easy to put away when the season changes. Spring is flower season and you can go as bold as you want with the petals. Or just pick a seasonal color – light blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green. If you’re only adding a touch here and there, pick a shade that goes with the rest of the room. Then use that in throws and accent pillows on the bed or chairs, and curtains or blinds on the windows.

A few faux flowers and greenery, or the real thing, are also just the right natural touch in a vase on the dresser or side table.

If you’re the type that loves art, or has just collected more than you can hang at once, change it up! Bring out the flowers and bright colors now. If you don’t have any, craft stores sell inexpensive canvas prints that you won’t feel guilty swapping out when the weather changes. If you like your art the way it is, you can get different frames for sunny weather. Use white and light wood in spring and summer, and black or dark wood for fall and winter.


You probably have a favorite perfume or cologne, and spraying it every day keeps a touch of that smell in the air. To liven things up, try something new! If you don’t want to change your personal scent, add an oil diffuser in the bedroom. Aromatherapy is said to stimulate brain function, calm anxiety, and promote restful sleep - or at least give you a certain type of feeling when you smell it. Florals, of course, are popular, but too much can be stifling. Try out other fresh smells like citrus. You can even blend your own.


 Ok, these ideas might not be so easy, but if you’re ready for a bigger transformation you could:

  • Get a whole new set of furniture, starting with the bed. Fire up Facebook Marketplace and look for deals near you on different pieces to create a personalized, eclectic style on the cheap. (Or, we might add, find one online for a reasonable price.)
  • Paint - Whether it’s the entire room, one wall, or just some accents (like a door frame or furniture), there’s nothing like a fresh coat of color.
  • Re-floor – If you have carpet, put in the warmth of wood (or cool – grey tones are very in right now). The smooth surface will feel nice on hot summer nights. If you already have wood or tile, add a new rug. It’s another thing you could switch out seasonally, especially if you have just a few smaller pieces.

 Whatever you do, make the space your own. And enjoy spring!