Bed Frame Assembly Tips

Bed frame in a bedroom

You bought a new bed frame, but before you can get your first night’s sleep you have to put it together. We share four quick assembly tips that will have you back to bed in a snap!

1. Leave Enough Room to Assemble Your Bed Frame

A bed can take up a significant portion of your room, so you’ll want make sure that you have plenty of space to set it up. Assembly is less stressful when you don’t have to worry about banging your arms or legs on your surroundings. It can also save you from accidentally gouging your wall with a rail if you misjudge how much room you had behind you.

If space is tight, try moving some furniture into another room during the assembly process. If there’s still not much room, you may want to consider moving your new bed to a different room or getting a smaller bed frame.

2. Lay Out Your Parts

Laying out the parts at the beginning of the assembly process can make it easier to identify what parts go where and visualize each step.

First, make sure you have all the parts that you’ll need to assemble your bed frame. When all parts are accounted for, lay out the parts so that they roughly mirror where they will go in conjunction with the other parts. This image is an example of a rough setup layout for one of our Better Bed Frames.

Bed frame assembly

This layout can make it easier to visualize each step, as well as cut down on wasted time by organizing parts so that they’re right where you need them.

Another layout option is to organize all like parts together so that you can simply grab the part you need from a neat pile as opposed to trying to determine what piece of metal is a side rail and which is a center rail.

3. Keep Track of Small Parts

The smaller the part, the easier it is to lose. Missing bolts, nuts, and other small, but vital parts can derail a bed frame assembly in a hurry. All it takes is an accidental swipe and you’ll be on an aggravating search and rescue mission for some small bits of metal.

Instead of spending time on the floor combing the carpet for miniscule fasteners, try keeping all your small parts in a bowl, bag, or some other similar receptacle. This will keep them grouped together and off your floor, saving them from accidentally being scattered by a stray arm or leg. You can also use multiple containers so that you keep your assembly organized.

4. Don’t Screw Parts Too Tight

It’s good to tighten nuts and bolts so that every part is properly connected. However, there is such a thing as too tight. If you ever need to disassemble your bed – to re-size, paint, re-arrange, or move to a new home, keeping parts at an appropriate tightness will make it easier.

Fasten your bed frame parts tight enough that they won’t budge and you’ll be good to go.

Extra Tip: Make Sure You Have the Right Headboard

Not all bed frames and headboards get along. If you can’t wait to use that nice headboard for your new bed frame, make sure that it is compatible with the style of bracket found on your bed frame.

Bed frames typically include either bolt-on or hook-on style brackets. If your frame and headboard don’t match, you can still order accessories to connect the two, but you’ll want to know that before you get ready to assemble your new frame.

Now that you’ve read these tips you’re ready to get started on your new bedframe. Be sure to keep these things in mind and you will be ready to get a good night’s sleep in no time. If you need specific assembly instructions for our bed frames, visit the individual bed frame product page.

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