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How to Set up a Guest Room for the Holidays

How to Set up a Guest Room for the Holidays

Whether you’re trying to rent out some space for the holidays or are having friends and family visit from out of town, it’s important to get your guest room ready for your visitors. This process requires more than just cleaning up and making the bed. There are several things you should consider before your guests make their way to your humble abode.

Declutter Your Guest Room

The first thing you need to do is make sure the guest room actually looks like a room for guests. A paying guest isn’t likely to be interested in seeing your bobblehead collection. In fact, your out-of-state cousins might not like them much, either. Whether you keep personal items in your guest room or use it as a glorified storage area, make sure to clear out any unnecessary clutter ahead of time.

Dress Up for the Holidays

While neutral colors are a good go-to for guest rooms, you can add some color and special decor for the holidays. This doesn’t mean that you should paint everything red and green, but some seasonal touches like a poinsettia and flannel sheets can help your guests get into the holiday spirit. Just be careful – if furry friends will be staying in the room, plants like poinsettia are toxic and should be avoided. Check to see who will be joining you before putting things out!

Image of holiday decor for a professional guest room.

Don’t Forget to Provide All the Little Things

Even the most seasoned travelers can forget to pack some toothpaste or another similar item. A well-stocked guest room makes an impression on your visitors. A guest basket with travel-sized toiletries, in addition to available towels, hair dryers, and other bathroom essentials, will make the holidays a little less stressful for your guests.

In addition to providing some toiletries, there are some other ways to improve your guests’ stay. These can include:

  • Extra pillows and blankets in the room
  • An easily accessible lamp
  • Chargers for phones, tablets, and laptops
  • The wi-fi name and password
  • A luggage rack
  • A small tray of snacks and drinks
  • Coasters for the aforementioned drinks
  • Recreational games and other items for downtime

Find the Right Beds

While all the other considerations are nice, the bed situation in your guest room is crucial to a pleasant stay. You need to determine not only what type of bed you need for your guest room, but also how many of them will be necessary. This means factoring how you want to lay out your guest room and what bedding option is best.

Image of a Kenora platform bed. 

You could go with a classic choice for your bed by choosing a sturdy bed frame and adding a headboard to it, or buying a complete bed package. To eliminate some fuss, there are platform beds that don’t require a box spring, but come with headboard, footboard, and side rails already attached.

 Image of a wood bed base for holidays guest rooms.

Another option used by pros in the hospitality industry is a bed base. These bases support both a box spring and a mattress and lie flat on the ground. This prevents items from getting lost underneath, saving you from future calls from guests in search for their missing possessions.

 Image of a foldable bed for holiday guest rooms.

Of course, there’s only so much space in your guest room. Foldable beds are a perfect temporary solution when you need to add more places to sleep without taking up too much space during the day. These beds come in both roll-away and platform styles, making it easy to hide them away in a closet or storage room until it’s time for your guests to go to sleep. Also, it’s always good to have an extra roll-away bed on hand just in case your relatives bring a surprise guest along for the trip. You can also keep the platform bed bases up long-term, for a simple bed setup that doesn’t require a box spring, has extra storage underneath, and can have a headboard attached to it.

No matter which option best suits your needs, we can help you find the bedding solution to match. Check out our selection of platform beds, bed bases, and foldable beds online and order what you need to get your guest rooms ready for the holidays today.