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Four Tips to Prepare Your Bed for Winter

Four Tips to Prepare Your Bed for Winter

It can feel wonderful to curl up in a warm bed at the end of the day after trudging through the snow and ice on your way home. Unfortunately, that winter weather can make its way into your bedroom without the right precautions. Nobody wants to shiver under their sheets, and there's still a few more months of chilly weather to sleep through. But you don’t have to suffer through the cold! Here four ways that you can prepare your bed for the weather.

1. Swap Out Your Sheets

The sheets you use will make a huge difference during the winter. While you can certainly use the same cotton sheets all year, you could be missing out on a set of sheets that are designed to keep you warm.

There are several different sheet options that you can choose to enhance your bed during the winter. New flannel sheets are really soft, tough, and warm. Silk is a luxurious option that is naturally hypoallergenic and is even better at insulation than cotton—if you’re willing to pay the price. There are also other options like fleece, microplush, and wool that can all help keep you warm throughout the winter. If you need some ideas of what to choose, Bustle picked out 10 of their favorite sheets for winter.

Not interested in buying separate sets of sheets? You can always pile on more blankets to add even more insulation. This may not be the best option if you get sweaty under too many layers, but adding and subtracting blankets can be an easy solution to your cold weather sleeping needs.

Blankets for beds and bed frames in winter

Blankets give you a chance to add both warmth and style.

2. Use a Heating Pad or Electric Blanket

Even after you add more blankets to your bed, it’s still going to be cold at first. A heating pad or and electric blanket is a quick solution to warm up your bed before you slip under the covers. Just lay a heating pad or electric blanket on top of where you sleep and turn it on while you get ready for bed. By the time you’re set, you’ll have a nice, warm spot to sleep.

While heating pads and electric blankets can make your bed nice and toasty, you do need to use some caution. The Electrical Safety Foundation International suggest following these four safety tips when using heating pads or electric blankets:

  • Lay heating pads or electric blankets on top of any other sheets. Placing them under other sheets may cause them to overheat.
  • Do not fold heating pads or electric blankets. This may also cause overheating.
  • Never leave heating pads and electric blankets on unattended or while you sleep.
  • Replace heating pads and electric blankets if you ever notice dark or frayed spots or if the electric cord is frayed or cracked.

3. Give your bedroom a checkup

Your bedroom plays a big role in how cold your bed is at night. Windows and doors can let drafts in to your room, which make your sheets colder than they should be and expose your uncovered head to chilly air all night.

A little bit of prep work can help you block these drafts and make your bed a warmer place. If you notice any cracks or gaps around your windows, a little caulk, foam, or some other insulating substance will block unwanted airflow. If you have a door that’s connected to the outside or some unheated room, you may have a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. A rug or blanket can block these gaps and keep the warm air in your room instead.

4. Use Your Ceiling Fan

If fixing your sheets and blocking out cold air isn’t enough, you can try turning on your ceiling fan. Yes, this may seem counterintuitive, but some ceiling fans are designed to help you circulate warm air, all thanks to a little bit of science.

During the summer, ceiling fans use slightly angled blades to push air down and make people feel nice and cool. In the winter, you can reverse the direction of some ceiling fans so that they draw cool air up toward the ceiling and away from you. This also forces the air above the fan to cycle down into your living space. Since warm air rises, this means that you’ll get to cycle warm air toward your bed.

Of course, this all depends on you being able to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. Fortunately, many current models have a switch that will allow you to change the direction of your fan. This switch may be located on the outside of the fan or require you to remove a few screws for access. If you have one, congratulations one being able to circulate warm air around your bedroom.

Stay Warm and Have the Right Support

Whether you’re warm or cold, a bed without the proper support won’t do you any favors. A bad bed frame can lead to several problems that can impact the quality of your sleep, such as instability or an irritating squeaking sound.

If you want a good night’s sleep this winter, make sure that you have the right support underneath you. Check out our selection of bed frames, platform beds, and bed bases online to find the right support.