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Fall Bedroom Decorating Tips

Fall Bedroom Decorating Tips

Fall is finally here. The air has a chill to it, and the pitter-patter of raindrops means it’s time to stay under the blankets and relax. Now’s the time to amp up your bedroom’s comfort level to help you make the most of those long nights. With these tips, you won’t be able to resist curling up under the covers all season long.


The focal point of the bedroom is, of course, the bed! Over the summer you may have packed away your blankets and switched out to cool sheets. Take the time to change back, or get all-new bedding that’s appropriate to autumn. Start with the sheets and try adding thick linen or flannel options to keep you nice and warm from fall through winter. Then, layer with blankets. You can have some fun here and try some different textures and materials, like velvet or down. Have both thick and thin blankets available, and toss in an extra throw for when you just need that one extra layer. Go big so that you and whoever’s in bed with you have plenty of material to create your own warmth cocoons. It can still get warm during the day, or it can be freezing at night, so you want to be prepared for everything! Add a few throw pillows for extra comfort, and to complement your new look.

Style and Color

You're seeing autumn colors are everywhere, so it’s no surprise that stylists recommend a warm color scheme of browns, reds, and oranges this time of year. Find ways to add these shades into your bedding and décor – and even to your bed itself. You can add an upholstered headboard in soothing taupe or warm brown that will also add to your comfy vibe. Not feeling plush? Try a wood bed in warm, natural shades, which highlights the feeling of fall. Decorate with candles, and candle holders, and wreaths – they don’t take up a lot of space but add just the right touch to change your look. Pumpkins are particularly popular!

Alvesta Wood Bed and Nightstand

Warm, dark wood furniture is perfect for fall.

Seasonal Scents

One of the first signs that fall is coming is the arrival of pumpkin and apple everything. There’s a reason these scents are so popular, so why not indulge? Candles also add warmth, but an oil diffuser or other gentle way to release scent into your bedroom work great as well. Not only do these smells make you feel nice and relaxed, they also extra bedtime benefits, depending on the recipe you use. Scents like cinnamon, peppermint, sandalwood, and cedarwood can all reduce anxiety and stress.

Block Out the Cold Air

Even a new place can have drafts. You don’t want to get chilly air running across your skin, so do a check for cold currents. You can do this on a cold and windy day by holding a stick of lit incense near any possible sources. Start with your windows – the obvious culprit. Change the light curtains from summer for thicker options that also let you add seasonal style to the space. If you like to let sunlight in (which is great for your physical and mental health), you can pull back the curtains and still be protected. For an overall block, use a window insulation kit which adds a thin, transparent sheet over the entire window casement. Or, plug up specific gaps with weather stripping and draft guards. For structural gaps, you may need to use caulk or spray foam – just read up on the instructions first!

Other potential spots for air leakage? Wiring holes, recessed lights, attic openings, duct work and vents – basically anything that has cut through a wall or floor can have gaps that cause drafts. Depending on your know-how, you may need some help to fix these issues, but it can definitely be worth it. Not only will sealing up those problem areas keep you warm, they can lower your bills as your heating becomes more efficient.

Warm Up Your Floor

Wood and tile floors can get chilled when the temperature drops. But even if you have carpet, adding an extra laye can be welcome this time of year. It’s another way to feature those autumn colors, but it will also help insulate the bedroom. Your feet will thank you when you get out of bed in the morning! It doesn’t have to be big and expensive, choose something that suits your space and will help warm up the areas you use most.

You might be spending a lot of time snoozing during the cold months of the year, so why not make the most of your bedroom space? A few updates can turn it into a room you can't wait to come home to.